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I just made my first attempt at making CC and I feel soooo dumb trying to figure this shit out, omg.

I’ve seen some tuts already but they assume I already have some clue of what I’m doing…

I don’t outside of Photoshop. xD





This should amuse you :) Garret is up for download, now the fun part ;) What is that you ask? The sliders I used ;P

Skin | Contacts | Hair | Tatts | Ear Plugs & Slider | Eye Baggage |

Everything but the ear plugs & sliders are included in the zip. Links are for credit and the pages they came from. I used so many sliders, I added them in the zip.

Clothing is base game and late night. First time uploading a sim, so please be kind if i fucked something up ;P

Grab Him

sorry it’s not an in-game shot, he has no home for me to pose him LMAO


Need some help, maybe…

Hi guys, having a really strange issue with my game since yesterday :/

It seems I the floor view buttons are borked… in one of my houses, I can use them but it skips and takes forever to get on the floor I need it to be on, and on the other, I can’t use the “up” one at all (it’s greyed out).

Anyone ever have this issue before? I’ve tried googling but didn’t come up with much. Gonna trim some of my ugly CC I guess. -_-


REBLOG if you’re a simblr!!


My dash’s just to empty =(

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Just my luck… the family I was working on that I really quite liked, well, their save got corrupted or something. Every time I load it, it’s super buggy and even the UI doesn’t work right… not sure what happened, but hopefully I can export the sims themselves and move them into my other town. Sigh



So, I started a new game today and was getting things rolling with how I’d like to flesh out the town, and I moved my main couple into a house because they’re expecting. Not five minutes into their new place and a meteor hits and the guy dies in invisble fire.



honey, I’m home

randomly decided I feel like playing again. maybe this time I’ll get around to making some stuff too. :3


three wishes

1. I wish I had more patience with baby/toddler sims.

2. I wish I could not get bored so quicky with my current household.

3. I wish I didn’t suck so bad at making male sims.